Cambridge State Hospital : Bliss symbols

Sink and cupboards, Cottage 6.

Sink and cupboards, Cottage 6.

The buildings of the Cambridge State Hospital had a few remnants of signage that I had never seen before. I heard them referred to as "Bliss symbols".  My understanding was that the symbols were used as an additional way of communicating with clients who couldn't read. I most often saw them labeling sinks and bathrooms and other commonly used spaces.

I just recently heard an episode of WNYC's Radiolab that contained a segment about these symbols created by Charles Bliss.  There is a much more complicated story behind them than I expected and they were created with much grander ambitions in mind.  I thought it was a pretty interesting story.

The Radiolab segment is located at .  The segment about Charles Bliss begins at about 5:30 into the stream on the page.

"Photos & Drawings" trailer

 Minneapolis filmmaker Jon Thomas has just uploaded a trailer for his short film "Photos & Drawings" on Vimeo.  I shot a series of portraits for the film, which are featured prominently throughout. The film looks absolutely beautiful, as you can see from the film still I've included above. I'm excited to finally be able to see the whole thing.  Click on the photo to have a look.

You can also go to to learn more about the film.